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Vino Volta

Portfolio Categories: Boutique, Digital Print, and Label of the Week.

The design brief was across a set of labels. To represent a picture of the Swan Valley – the Swan River winding through the Darling Scarp and the vineyards below. Artistic influences were Japanese Woodblock and Linocut print. Qin Feng Chinese Ink Art, Sam Keith comic book artist of the Maxx, Ralph Steadman Gonzo Art and throw in a bit of Art Deco as well. Somehow our talented Friend / Graphic Designer and Artist pulled all of this together in a set of labels that speak of us and where our wines are from. Thankyou Anitra Stene. In this label the Terroir / Landscape is being poured out of a wine bottle.

Producer – Vino Volta
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Designer – Anitra Stene
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Label Information


Region – Swan Valley, Western Australia
Printing Press – Digital
Stock – Estate 8
Embellishments – Deboss, Matt Varnish