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Tanglin Cranberry Gin

Portfolio Categories: Boutique, Digital Print, and Label of the Week.

The Cranberry Gin label is all about a festive twist, in South East Asia the extensive local and expat communities celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and Lunar New Year, often called Chinese New Year or Tet in Vietnam. As a Singapore based Gin the inspiration for the design came from using Peranakam motif’s with references buried in the pattern that are all about Tanglin Gin.


The red foil was chosen on purpose, it’s recognisable in Western and Eastern cultures as a colour of celebration, the stock was selected due to its texture and richness, not normally associated with spirits.


Photos by Kiilat Creative.

Producer – Tanglin Gin
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Designer – Kiilat Creative
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Label Information

Varietal – Cranberry Gin
Region – Singapore
Printing Press – Digital
Stock – Jade Raster
Embellishments – Silver Foil, Red Foil