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Super Duper Chardonnay

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The name itself is a bit of a funny story. Printhe had set out to make some really special wines, and the nickname in the winery became Super Duper. When it came to bottling, these Super Duper wines needed an identity and a label – and the guys thought ‘why not’.


We were doing regular Friday lunch wine options games and had benchmarked our Chardonnay’s with others. While we have been very pleased with the Chardonnay we have been making, we set ourselves to make the best wine we could, a Super Duper Chardonnay!
We know the name promotes a reaction, but as time has passed we’ve found that it has become a positive reaction; and everyone has been really positive about the packaging.
– Drew Tuckwell, Winemaker.

Producer/Brand – Printhe Wines
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Designer – David Swift


Label Information

Vintage – 2012
Varietal – Chardonnay
Region – Orange, NSW
Printing Press – Conventional
Stock – Estate 8
Embellishments – Silver Foil, Screen Gloss