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Smith’s Eden Valley Rock Gin

Portfolio Categories: Label of the Week and Regional.

The label for Smith’s Eden Valley Rock Gin was inspired by the Hill-Smith Family’s heritage in winemaking, fortified production and spirit distillation. The label features the Caley coat of arms which was introduced to the family in 1862 when Eleanor Jane Caley married Sidney Smith.


This coat of arms has historically been used on many of Yalumba’s products pre 1970s, and today remains on their Smith’s Whisky, Yalumba Galway Vintage wines and most recently on their flagship red ‘Yalumba The Caley Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz’.


The grapevine illustration around the crest is reflective of the Yalumba Galway Vintage label and the label predominantly highlights Eden Valley as the region.

Producer/Brand – S Smith & Son
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Designer – Lisa Tekell


Label Information

Varietal – Riesling Gin
Region – Eden Valley
Printing Press – Conventional
Stock – Killer White
Embellishments – Silver Foil, Highbuild and Grain Emboss