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Seppeltsfield’s Paramount Collection

Portfolio Categories: Boutique, Case Studies, and Conventional Print.

With a proud and priceless legacy dating back to 1851, Seppeltsfield is one of Australia’s most iconic wine estates. The Paramount Collection is a very limited offering of extremely old and rare fortified wines, and the brand relaunch came with several key client objectives. These included a luxury positioning of the Paramount Collection to act as a medium for the highest tier of fortified wine styles from Seppeltsfield, other than its famed Centennial Collection Tawny holdings.


Printed on a textured uncoated paper, the Paramount Collection features gold foil designation of brand name and logo, grain emboss and strong varietal colours. Seppeltsfield required printed elements to be reflective of the wines’ appeal for gifting purposes, using embellishment and packaging cues (including bottle numbers and authenticity certificates) borrowed from the Centennial Collection. This was to also complement design framework inspired by similar luxury products, including the Cognac, Whisky and rare spirit categories.

The result is an over-all package which truly reflects the rarity and uniqueness of the Paramount Collection, with clear synergy to other brand elements of Seppeltsfield’s broader fortified range.
– Chad Elson, Seppetsfield Sales and Marketing Manager

Producer/Brand – Seppeltsfield
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Designer – Tucker Creative
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Label Information
Printing Press – Conventional
Embellishments – Gold Foil, Grain Emboss