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Rob Dolan x Pickett Group

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Rob Dolan is a legend in the Yarra Valley wine industry as Scott Pickett is a legend in the Melbourne food scene.


They have come together to create a range of Yarra Valley wines to pair perfectly with the food in Pickett’s iconic venues.


The label has been designed to unite two big personalities and to focus on both brands equally. It is important to keep the label design clean and timeless so it focuses on this collaboration.


What brings this label to life is the printing finishes – the black foil lines connect the two brands and the KURZ foils bring a bit of ‘bling’ and highlight each variety. Designed by Patti Mikedis @lush_creative


Photos provided by Rob Dolan Wines

Producer – Rob Dolan Wines
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Designer – Lush Creative
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Label Information

Varietal – Pinot Noir + Chardonnay
Region – Yarra Valley
Printing Press – Digital
Stock – Estate 8
Embellishments – Double foil, black and then red/gold for different varietals