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The Zerella Wines story began back in 1926, when life’s daily struggles in Campagnia, Italy forced two poor families to turn their backs on a native land in search of a better future. Embarking on a quest to follow their dreams, the two families, led by two brave men, migrated to South Australia where they embraced all they knew; a life on the land, a passion for farming, grape growing and winemaking. In doing so they established what was to become a family heritage in the wine industry.


Jim Zerella, like his father and grandfathers, is a successful winegrower and businessman. He inherited his ancestors’ passion for the vines along with their ambitious, entrepreneurial work ethic. His enthusiasm for winegrowing has continued to grow and evolve through his hands on approach in developing a number of vineyards in South Australia.


The label featured was the first of a small series released by the Zerella Wines brand. Creative, the clever brand concept reaches beyond the label’s edge with the abstract ‘Z’ effect along with brush metal print techniques. A very slick edition indeed.

Producer/Brand – Zerella Wines
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Designer – Nation Creative
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Label Information

Vintage – 2013
Varietal – Grenache Mataro Shiraz
Region – McLaren Vale
Printing Press – Digital
Stock – Silver Metalised