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Pinata People

Portfolio Categories: Boutique, Digital Print, and Label of the Week.

Piñata People is inspired by the excitement, fun and energy of the occasion that surrounds a bursting piñata. Cornershop collaborated with Italian illustrator, Carmine Bellucci, to bring the story to life. The label features an illustration that depicts a celebration; a fun, exotic, colourful carnival and festive scene.


The wrap label takes viewers on an exotic journey; a considered connection to the Samuel’s Gorge iconic panoramic label. Details in the illustration are highlighted with a gloss high build varnish to add an element of discovery.

Producer/Brand – Samuel’s Gorge
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Designer – Cornershop
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Label Information

Varietal – Gamay
Region – McLaren Vale
Printing Press – Digital
Stock – Estate 8 Uncoated Paper
Embellishments – High Build Screen