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The Piece

Portfolio Categories: Conventional Print, Label of the Week, and Regional.

Every Australia Day long weekend, Longview invites 4 top street artists to compete in The Piece Project; an aerosol art battle where the winner’s art becomes the label of Longview’s super-premium Shiraz: The Piece.


As part of Adelaide Hills Crush Festival, huge crowds turn out to watch these modern masters create massive murals in 5 hours and as the paint flies, the music pumps and visitors experience a sensory explosion of Longview’s trade mark wine, food and hospitality.


It’s a live art show on a grand scale that unfolds before their eyes and as the sun goes down, the art is judged, with the winner gracing the label of this small-batch, single vineyard Shiraz. And when the wine is released they can own, not only a limited edition piece of art that changes with every vintage but a limited release, premium wine that cries out to be displayed as much as it does to be cellared.


Winestate World’s Greatest Shiraz Challenge: 5 stars
Trophy Winner: 2014 Wine Industry Label Competition, Best Label In Show

Producer/Brand – Longview
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Designer – Voice
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Label Information

Vintage – 2009
Varietal – Shiraz
Region – Adelaide Hills
Printing Press – Conventional
Stock – Estate 8
Embellishments – Black Foil, Silver Screen