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Oparina Wines is very much a family business, encompassing three generations of farming history.


The recent brand refresh set to create a logo that truly reflects the aspects and qualities of the brand. “Oparina” is a traditional word for “Big Gums” so the image of a blue gum (synonymous with the Padthaway Wine region) was pivotal to the design, and is cleverly incorporated into the brand name. The micro-embossed pearlescent paper is distinctive in its appearance and quality, with brand and varietal colours jumping off the label.


A nice link to the family heritage is the inclusion of the family dog on the label, adding character and a personal touch.

Producer/Brand – Oparina Wines
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Designer – Foremore Marketing


Label Information

Vintage – Cabernet Shiraz
Varietal – 2014
Region – Padthaway
Printing Press – Digital
Stock – Jade Raster
Embellishments – High Build Screen