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Nueva Sangria

Portfolio Categories: Boutique, Conventional Print, and Label of the Week.

Look – we could bore you to death with how Nueva Sangria is a new Aussie twist on a Spanish classic and that we’ve used premium grapes from the best Australian Vineyards with hints of citrus, apples and berries … but you know: we won’t. Instead, we just want you to know that Nueva Sangria is the perfect drink for the Australian climate and lifestyle. It’s as sophisticated as you want it to be: keen to garnish it with pomegranate, edible flowers and serve it your highbrow mates? Great. Want to drink it from a paper cup on your lawn?


That’s also fine by us. Enjoy!


Photos provided by Nueva Drinks Co.

Producer/Brand – Nueva Drinks Co
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Designer – Violeta Frenkel


Label Information

Region – Australia
Printing Press – Conventional
Stock – PP Clear