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2 mates who studied winemaking together and their wives who shared their love of wine and their thirst for a cleansing ale.


After countless research and development missions, bbq’s and long lunches, Meechi Brewing Company emerged from the deep dark depths of the man cave aka the back shed.


Matt Schmidt – Head brew guy.

Ben Potts – Deputy brew guy, researcher and spreadsheet king!

Kate Fletcher – Chief organiser and taster.

Lucy Willson – Boss of the colouring in department.


Meechi Brewing – The Product
The recipes for our craft beer are created and trialled in 50L batches within the confines of the man cave. Extensive testing is then carried out on family members and friends. The brew is then tweaked if needed, before being replicated in a larger scale for all to enjoy.


Why Meechi?
We think every wine region needs a beer label and being the first in Langhorne Creek we wanted a name that had a geographical significance and was unique to the region. “Meechi” is the Aboriginal name for the River Bremer, which flows through Langhorne Creek then eventually into Lake Alexandrina.

Producer/Brand – Meechi Brewing Company
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Designer – Collotype
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Label Information

Vintage – Non Vintage
Varietal – Pale Ale
Region – Langhorne Creek
Printing Press – Digital
Stock – Marble