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The people at Mandala Wines are family driven and passionate about the Yarra Valley’s ability to produce fantastic wine. The family ‘Mandala’ range symbolizes these ideals. The circle depicted as central to the label’s identity signifies the elements that comprise what is important in life and the quest to achieve balance. The mandala draws the viewer into its centre. It represents Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer, North, South, East, West. It also represents the area’s geography, and the dreams, passions and visions of the family and their desire to nurture and educate the next generation.


The Mandala Pinot Noir is a stunning label which showcases the use of overprinted foil. The variety grows beautifully in the Yarra Valley and is a favourite of the family.

Producer/Brand – Mandala Wines
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Designer – Stokes Street Studio
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Label Information

Vintage – 2014
Varietal – Pinot Noir
Region – Yarra Valley
Printing Press – Conventional
Stock – Killer White Uncoated Paper
Embellishments – Silver Foil, Foil Overprint, High Build Screen Grain