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Long Leaf Tea Vodka

Portfolio Categories: Boutique, Conventional Print, and Label of the Week.

The artisanal Sri Lankan family tradition of cultivating the world’s finest tea combine with the uncomplicated Australian ethos of honesty, integrity, and the desire to create something refreshingly simple but surprisingly unique. This brand essence was achieved in the label with the elephant and the kangaroo which are the 2 pillars of our brand – the Sri Lankan tea and the Australian artisan vodka.


Our label developed into something where people can see some heritage while making it intriguing, fresh and unique. The textures we used in the label add to this. Our passion and commitment to our product and its small batch production is amply evident in the hand-written batch and bottle numbers in the front of every label.


In the back label we took the educational approach talking directly to our consumer who appreciates the art of craft spirit making but does not take themselves too seriously because it is still a fun vodka that they can engage with easily.

Producer/Brand – Novel Tea Pty Ltd / Long Leaf Tea Vodka
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Designer – Storm Creative
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Label Information

Varietal – Vodka
Region – Hunter Valley, NSW
Printing Press – Conventional
Stock – Cotone Bianco
Embellishments – Foil, High Build Screen and Embossing