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Lone Star Creek

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Our label is based on an original piece of artwork, stylising the features of our vineyard that distinguish our place and commitment to stewardship of the land, drawn by an artist friend – Marlene Murray. The landscape, the trees, the creek, the bushland, the rolling hills, the sheep and of course, the vines, build a picture of sustainable viticulture. The STAR watches over the peace and balance between all the elements of our occupation. Gill and I feel a strong sense of place is vital to our vision for the wines and vineyard.

Producer – Lone Star Creek Vineyard
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Designer – Kim Radcliffe, Big Bang Design
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Label Information

Varietal – Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Red
Region – Yarra Valley, Victoria
Printing Press – Digital
Stock – Cotone Bianco
Embellishments – Foil, High-Build Screen