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Libation Army Beer

Portfolio Categories: Boutique, Digital Print, and Label of the Week.

Libation is a term originally used to describe the act of pouring a liquid as an offering to a deity and more currently defining a generic alcoholic drink. The esoteric nature of this word, combined with the whimsical use of “Army”, encapsulates the spirit of being serious about the fine craft of making beer, without taking themselves too seriously. The motto “Elation through Fermentation” speaks of brewer Marco Bona’s focus on yeast and every aspect of its crucial work.


The packaging is designed to stand out and, in its simplicity, be easily recognisable. The interlocking “LA” pattern creates a hypnotic and engaging background while the colour scheme defines the peculiarities of each beer.

Producer/Brand – Libation Army
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Designer – Be Friendly Design
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Label Information

Varietal – Exotic Belgian / Session Ale
Region – Adelaide
Printing Press – Digital
Stock – Premium Cast Gloss
Embellishments – Hi Build Screen