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Jansz Vintage

Portfolio Categories: Case Studies, Conventional Print, and Regional.

Jansz was Tasmania’s first sparkling wine to be made according to the traditional method, now described as Méthode Tasmanoise. The Jansz brand identity and print specification had not seen a refresh for well over a decade, and it was time to elevate the label positioning to properly reflect the quality of the wine.


The choice of substrate was a key to the new design’s foundation. Siro Oyster Pearl was new to Australia, and required thorough print trialling to qualify its suitability, followed by bottling line application trials. This material has a wonderful pearlescence which delivers a defining quality to the finished label. The elegant varietal colours are enhanced by the pearl lustre, albeit with a refined subtlety. A textured grain pattern is complemented with detailed embossing and high build screen printing.


In relation to the goal of elevating the label, the new Jansz Vintage delivers! The strong contrast of bold branding on a foundation of subtle elegance is visually powerful, speaks of the quality in the bottle and ensures brand recognition with its commanding presence.

Label quality cues hadn’t kept up with print innovation and technology and so, without making wholesale changes to the brand identity, we set about qualifying new materials, refining and stylising design elements and exploring print options.
– Annette Harcus

Producer/Brand – Hill Smith Family
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Designer – Harcus Design
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Label Information

Varietal – Cuvee
Region – Tasmania
Printing Press – Conventional
Embellishments – High Build, Emboss, Textured Grain