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Haigh’s Shooting Star Gift Range

Portfolio Categories: Conventional Print, Label of the Week, and Regional.

With the launch of this gift range two proud South Australian icons have come together in support and celebration of Australian Indigenous culture through art.


Gavin’s art is modern and invigorating, while staying true to his heritage and experience as an Indigenous Australian. Through his paintings, Gavin explores his ancestral links, recreating memories and capturing the beauty of his grandfather’s country.


This work, entitled Shooting Star, tells the story of home. Imagine you are positioned at the highest point in the universe, looking down through the stars to home. There are shooting stars burning across the night sky below, highlighting your journey and your connection to where you belong. Everyone’s interpretation of home is different. For Gavin, home is his grandfather’s land on the West Coast of South Australia.


Gavin’s art, like his sporting career, is heavily influenced by his respect for his grandfather and his Kokatha heritage. Passion, creativity and a strong sense of community all influence his work.


Haigh’s is proud to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales to the Gavin Wanganeen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarship.


Photos by Haigh’s Chocolates.

Producer – Haigh’s Chocolates
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Designer – Haigh’s Chocolates x Gavin Wanganeen Art
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Label Information

Printing Press – Conventional
Stock – Cast Gloss
Embellishments -Desensitiser, Silver Foil and High Build Screen