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Grape Tree

Portfolio Categories: Conventional Print, Label of the Week, and Regional.

Brown Brothers has branched out with its refreshing new drink, Grape Tree, which is made from 100% grapes and inspired by cider.


Grape Tree is a little outside the expected and provides an exciting alternative for cider lovers. It is currently available in two styles – Original and Red Berry. Both varieties are crisp, with a medium sweetness; Red Berry has the addition of summer berry flavours, introduced by a touch of Brown Brothers’ own Cienna.


The labels were designed to tell the consumer that Grape Tree was a refreshing summer drink. Consumer research conducted told us that the unisex target market was looking for natural, light and fresh cues. A mnemonic was created to provide a visual to the quirky name, cut through on shelf and make it memorable to the consumers.
Brown Brothers: Sarah Wilson,  Brand Manager


Collotype assisted us in our selection of embellishments to enhance the handcrafted feel required for this label. We used a gloss screen high build to enhance the branding and an all over Sureflow varnish on the background for maximum contrast. Subtle horizontal line embossing was used to add a textural element which completed the label and delivered premium qualities above our expectations.
Designer: Emma Weber, Senior Designer KSDesign Studio

Producer/Brand – Brown Brothers
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Designer – KS Design Studio
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Label Information

Varietal – Original & Red Berry
Printing Press – Conventional
Stock – Mirrorkote
Embellishments – Textured Varnish, Grain, High Build