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For Hunger

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After working through several wonderfully creative concepts presented by Black Squid Design, we settled on the development of two ranges of wine labels. One premium to ultra premium range and another entry point range designed for retail space. We were keen to go to market with drop dead gorgeous designs that our customers would want to pick up and really wanted to be seen with – a collectable. After many hours with the Black Squid team we decided on the Tatouage (Tattoo) Range and the Beaute` Animale (Beautiful Animal) Range.


Tatouage Range
Our premium single site vineyard wines are the Tatouage Range featuring the stunningly beautiful hand drawn illustrations of London based cult artist, Iain Macarthur. Each image is inspired by timeless themed fables about the importance of shutting gates. Each of the fables are themed For Hunger, For Freedom and For Love. Each of these themes represent aspects of our passion for regional wines and the industry that is our lives.


Beaute` Animale Range
The Beaute` Animale Range is our entry level wines that are designed for everyday enjoyment. Accordingly they are a more relaxed and fun style of label. The very detailed, exotic animal etchings are from a Parisian 19th century catalogue featuring beautiful animals from the new worlds. Each image has been christened with a whimsical, playful name and a “Monty Pythonish” speech bubble calling out to our customers to shut the gate!


Finally, after much trialling and anguished discussions on colouration versus a black and white label presentation, we decided it was important to respect the artists original black and white artwork.
The Shut The Gate labels took over a year to create and execute and are the result of a very committed design team working with, at times, a difficult Gate Keeper and Dreamer.

Producer/Brand – Shut The Gate


Designer – Black Squid
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Label Information

Varietal -Riesling
Region – Clare
Printing Press – Conventional
Stock – Estate 8
Embellishments – Gloss High Build Screen