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Earp Distilling Co. Spirits

Portfolio Categories: Boutique, Conventional Print, and Label of the Week.

Established in 1883, the Earp family business recently launched into the distilling industry with the opening of a 21st century distillery, lab and bar in Newcastle. The sixth generation company focuses on high quality products and design, integrating traditional handmade ceramic bottles with elegant, minimalist label design. The soft, tactile stock and use of white space in the labels design pairs luxury with comfort, while the ceramic bottle plays to the companies long history in ceramics (tiles).


Photos by Earp Distilling Co.

Producer – Earp Distilling Co.
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Designer – Josh Earp


Label Information

Varietal – Gin, Vodka, Absinthe, Limoncello
Region – Newcastle NSW
Printing Press – Conventional
Stock – Cotone
Embellishments – High Build Screen