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Dappled Wines, located in the beautiful Yarra Valley, handcraft their regional Victorian wines to allow the true expression of the vineyard to shine through.


Dappled, as a name and brand, is about filtered/dappled light through the vineyard canopy. This extends to the small patches of fruit that Shaun sources from different areas across Victoria, which make up his single vineyard portfolio. From a design perspective, it is representative of dappled light, with an earthy feeling (representing the terroir); like you’re looking through the vines to the ground. The single vineyard wines are premium; and the label quality and bottle meet this same standard. We hope that the label is thought provoking as we often receive really great feedback.
– Catherine Avilov, Director.

The minimalist design and black background allows the vibrancy and beauty of the ‘light and earth’ inspired colours to really shine through.

Producer/Brand – Dappled Wines
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Designer – Pepper Marketing
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Label Information

Vintage – 2015
Varietal – Chardonnay
Region – Mornington Peninsula
Printing Press – Digital
Stock – Rafwine Chateau
Embellishments -Gloss screen