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Coastal Peppermint Honey

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Margaret River Honey Co is founded on the idea that each product is an expression of what winemakers call terrior – that unique combination of environment, climate and knowhow that creates a ’sense of place’. The first product from MRHC is a honey made from Coastal Peppermint. These plants are indigenous to the South-Western corner of Australia, so provide a unique flavour profile and connection to MRHC’s location.


The Coastal Peppermint flower is captured in pin-prick, delicate gold foil on the front of the label against a rich blue background. Customers are encouraged to turn the jar in their hand to read the product details and visit the MRHC website where they can discover the exact geographical fingerprint of their product. With the content of the jar used for food and medicinal purposes, the premium package will feel just as at home in your pantry as it will on the top shelf of your medicine cabinet.


Photos by Mark Lobo – Foliolio

Producer – Margaret River Honey Co
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Designer – TwofromTwo
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Label Information

Region – Margaret River
Printing Press – Digital
Stock – Estate 8
Embellishments – Gold Foil + High-build UV Varnish