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O’Leary Walker – Clare Valley Polish Hill Riesling

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After 15 years David O’Leary and Nick Walker, from O’Leary Walker Winemakers, decided it was time for a new look and chapter to keep their brand vital and contemporary.


The two circles represent the coming together of David O’Leary and Nick Walker’s careers, and represent the “full circle” that their careers took upon founding O’Leary Walker Wines. The rings have been modernised and enhanced with vibrant colour panels for each wine variety. Jodie Kunze’s inspiration for these labels came from retro geometric patterns that she was seeing (what felt like) everywhere! The brightly coloured shapes within these patterns would often sit on a neutral background. I felt the labels would not only be visually impactful but enhance both shelf and fridge appeal.


Virtually next door to each other in the Polish Hill River, Martin & Joan Smith and Molloy’s vineyards stand as excellent examples of what this sub-region of Clare can achieve. Quality soils are the thumb print of all great wines and as the road leading to both vineyards is called Blue Cutting Rd, so too is the basis of these vineyards. Grey loam acid soils over sandstone and slate make up the profile with much of the top soil littered with rock, hinting at just how tough the vines need to be to sustain growth and produce quality fruit – not to mention the work of the vigneron to ensure overall balance. Only 9 kilometres from Watervale, the Polish Hill River region is quite a bit cooler and typically the fruit ripens 2-3 weeks later; this combined with the soil profile produces fruit with finesse and intensity. It is the slate of Polish Hill River, as opposed to the limestone of Watervale that gives rise to the point of difference between these styles.

Producer/BrandO’Leary Walker
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Designer – Jodie Kunze


Label Information

Vintage – 2015
Varietal – Riesling
Region – Clare Valley
Printing Press – Conventional
Stock – Estate 8
Embellishments – Spot Colour, High Build Screen, Matt Varnish