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The Set

Portfolio Categories: Case Studies, Conventional Print, and Regional.

Taking its cues from the coastal location of the Cape Jaffa winery and vineyards, The Set range of wines is sure to make waves, barrelling out a sense of fun and seaside lifestyle, while resonating with the biodynamic foundations of Cape Jaffa.

The slick surfboard shaped label is printed on Collotype’s Enviro Label™ recycled uncoated paper, harmonising well with the Cape Jaffa commitment to sustainability and balance. And with more labels to come, the swell is building with the next phase of The Set in the pipeline.

The Collotype team worked tirelessly to help us develop our new range – The Set. We valued their patience and commitment to excellence throughout the development process. It’s always a pleasure working with the Collo team!
– Kate Napper, Cape Jaffa Wines – Marketing & Communications

Producer/Brand – Cape Jaffa Wines
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Designer – Mammoth and Elefont


Label Information

Vintage – 2011
Varietal – Sauvignon Blanc and Unwooded Chardonnay
Region – Limestone Coast
Printing Press – Conventional
Stock – Collotype’s Enviro Label™