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By The Horns

Portfolio Categories: Boutique, Digital Print, and Label of the Week.

Edward Tomlinson of iconic Margaret River producer Lenton Brae was looking to launch a side project. This project was a ‘natural wine’ made from biodynamically grown grapes, with no added yeast, no filtration, and minimal intervention. The brand name- By The Horns, takes inspiration from the biodynamic grape-growing process of burying cow horns in the vineyard. By The Horns is an artisanal natural wine aimed at the curious and adventurous who are looking for wines as unique and individual as they are.

Producer/Brand – Lenton Brae
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Designer – Studio Lost & Found
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Label Information

Vintage – 2015
Varietal – Sauvignon Blanc
Region – Margaret River
Printing Press – Digital
Stock – Killer White uncoated paper
Embellishments – Silver foil