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Butch Morgan

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Little is known of Butch Morgan other than sketchy details of great triumphs, pioneering adventures and large donations of cash to orphans. What is known is that when Butch unwinds he likes to kick back with a glass of Barossa Valley Shiraz. His sensitive tears and masculine sweat have now poured into the noble pursuit of winemaking and with the assistance of some great Barossa Valley dirt, the legend has finally been bottled.


The label reflects the many different personas of Butch Morgan. Each vintage depicts Butch in one of his pursuits. As a humble recluse Butch doesn’t like to show his face so this is slightly obscured to maintain the mystery of the great man.


Butch Morgan Shiraz is grown by John, Barb and Andy Kalleske and handmade by Craig Isbel and Brian Conway.


Izway’s butch Morgan tells the story of a great charismatic winemaker. Bursting off the shelf with its vibrant colours and imagery, the label holds exciting appeal to the modern wine drinker- quirky, fun and open to new things. Butch Morgan’s can be found at, and you can taste the legend for yourself.


– The Butch Morgan label changes each year, but keeps the common story and theme
– The labels feature bright colours and spot gloss to further emphasise the branding
– The label images play on a contrast of modern and old with vintage photographs and a modern appeal to the label

Producer/Brand – Izway Wines
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Designer – Matthew Horsnell
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Label Information

Vintage – 2012
Varietal – Shiraz
Region – Barossa Valley
Printing Press – Conventional
Stock – Castgloss
Embellishments – Spot Gloss Varnish