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Budburst Gin

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Budburst Gin, the first in Barossa Distilling Company’s Seasonal range of Gins, is an expression of spring and summer in an exquisitely flavoured spirit. It creates a style of its own, distilled with carefully selected botanicals and finished with two special ingredients; White Frontignac and Australian Native Currants, which add complexity and a wonderful blush colour.


The exquisite Budburst label was designed and painted by the local Barossa artist & photographer, Andy Ellis. The Almond Blossom is significant in that for Stuart Bourne, Winemaker at Soul Growers and one of the partners in Barossa Distilling Company, seeing the Almond Blossom spring to life is the key botanical indicator that Budburst is just a few weeks away. Thereby marking the start of the grape growing season, through Spring and Summer that leads to harvest during vintage. As Budburst is a Spring Summer seasonal Gin, Almond blossom, painted in beautiful water colour was the ideal image for the front label.

Producer/Brand – Barossa Distilling Co.
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Designer – The Art of Andy Ellis
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Label Information

Varietal – Budburst Gin
Region – Barossa
Printing Press – Digital
Stock – Cotone Bianco uncoated paper
Embellishments – Copper Foil and Emboss