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AZ Master J

Portfolio Categories: Boutique, Conventional Print, and Label of the Week.

The idea behind the AZ Master J label was to represent a poker card, reflecting Director Zhiming’s (Jimmy) passion for poker.


At AZ Master Wines, we source the most premium grapes available from specific regions for each wine. We rely on our winemakers to do their magic and convert these into the best wine available. We believe a great playing hand and great wine go together, to suit the playing card philosophy.


Our design team at AZ Master Wines are also passionate about pushing the boundaries to achieve great results. In partnership with MCC, we created a fantastic label with superior embellishments and finishes.

Producer/Brand – AZ Master Wines
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Designer – AZ Master Wines
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Label Information

Varietal – Shiraz
Region – Murray Darling
Printing Press – Conventional
Stock – Pure Impact
Embellishments – Foil