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Animus Distillery

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When we founded Animus Distillery in 2015, we knew we needed our design to match the passion and creativity that goes into each of our gins. We chose Jamshop, now a Blackbocks subsidiary, to distill our often crazy and eclectic ideas into a set of concepts that reflect the spirit of our products. The creative intelligence and expertise we found with Jamshop helped us develop and shape our ideas into the concepts that have come to represent our brand. From the use of the Laudanum Font which riffs off the traditional aesthetic of Old-World gins, to the development of our brand mark which uses a pentagram with each corner symbolising the five elements of our brand – earth, wind, water, fire and spirit, along with the bold translucent artwork on the back of each bottle, designed to really light up on a backlit bar shelf.

Producer/Brand – Animus Distillery
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Designer – Blackbocks/Jamshop
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Label Information

Varietal – Macedon Dry Gin, Ambrosian Gin, Arboretum Gin
Region – Kyneton, Central Victoria
Printing PressDigital
Stock – Front label: Killer White uncoated paper. Rear label: Clear
Embellishments – Foil, Gloss High Build Screen, Matt High Build Screen and Reverse “see through” Print