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Chris & Sophie Joshua’s vineyard lies amongst two fault lines on gently sloping sedimentary clay loams which lends it meaning to the name Joshua’ Fault Vineyard. For the new premium range Amorelle, the Joshua’s were seeking a label solution that was a seamless transition from their core range label whilst still differentiating it in the market.


Throughout the Joshua’s core range each label incorporates Australian artist Kim Mahood’s Faultline painting; this was carried through to the Amorelle label. To help distinguish the Amorelle label as the more opulent product Collotype Griffith assisted in developing fine copper foil detailing to high light certain brushstrokes of the painting. The use of an ultra-heavy weight textured stock and high build screen together with the fine foil detailing created an opulent impression in the final product.


We have had a very good response to the label. Customers can see the lineage with our main label and remark on the quality look and feel. I think the pleasing tactile nature of the label lends a lot to the premium product concept.
– Chris Joshua


Now for the origin of “Amorelle”; Amorel was the fictional grand home of the fiancé to the Swampfox. The Swampfox was an American TV character set in the War of Independence period. He was not unlike Superman, Zorro or Batman in that at night he would adopt the Swampfox persona and raid the British. By day he was a wealthy landowner spending much of his time hosting soirees with his fiancé at Amorel. Chris Joshua’s father named the first boat he built “Amorel”, and when Sophie and Chris came to name their property they decided upon “Amorelle”, which incidentally combines “love” and the feminine reference to women in French. Turned out they subsequently had three daughters!

Producer/Brand – Joshua’s Fault Vineyard
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Label Information

Vintage – 2009
Varietal – Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot blend
Region – Canberra
Printing Press – Conventional
Stock – Spicers Cotone
Embellishments – Foil and High Build Screen