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1000 Crowns

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1000 Crowns secured the pioneering Credaro brothers a future in the New Country after immigrating from Italy in the 1920’s. Four generations later, the 1000 Crowns series of wines are the ultimate expression of the Credaro Family Vineyards. All in all, it was a fortuitous investment that has yielded the fruits for four generations. The center of the label features an insignia of gold foil and sculptured embossing; the four generations linked in an unbroken circular emblem.

Producer/Brand – Credaro Estate
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Designer – Harcus Design
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Label Information

Varietal – Chardonnay
Region – Margaret River
Printing Press – Digital
Stock – Cotone Bianco Uncoated Paper
Embellishments – Gold Foil, Deboss, High build Silkscreen and Sculptured Emboss